What Is ECT And Its Use In My Case

You may have heard about the use of ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) for clinical depression or in case of Psychosis or Bipolar Illness.

Yes, indeed, in this time and age the formerly called Electroshocks are still being commonly used for Psychiatric Illnesses. Electric current is used to readjust the electrical connections in the brain. Seizures are administrated on purpose.

Their application is used in cases, where no other medical intervention was successful.

Although their use and effectiveness may be asked, I am here to tell you my own experience with it.


In my case, ECT was used without my consent, after all the medication administrated was not effective. Doctors decided to take my rights away, as I was not displaying signs of coherence and reason. Their decision did not take into account that my partner was resolutely against the ECT treatment being used on me. I had no say in it and neither had it actually. It was decided without us.

Rather high number of ECT treatments was determined by the medical panel. Fortunately, after only a few treatments my situation did indeed change for the better. Doctors decided to stop the treatment as I was back to my former self. So yes, I can agree that the ECT treatment does have a value and works when needed.

HOW IT & # 39; S DONE

The fact that it & # 39; s done under a full aesthetic and with the use of muscle relaxants is of a great value. I do not even remember the whole treatment. There is a large blank canvas in my mind for the time that I had the ECTs. I do not have a memory of it and that might might be the best out for me.

As for the other memory loss, I have a week or two gap in my memories. Only after I had been well enough and in intensive care unit, my memories continue.

Do I believe in ECT? Although I do not like the fact that it was used on me without my consent, I will say that I had benefit from its administration. So yes, I do believe in the use of ECT when nothing else helps.


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